Fine art romantic wedding photography in the UK
Fine art romantic wedding photography in the UK
My clients describe me as friendly, professional and a calming influence on their wedding day

I have photographed over 200 weddings in my career and yet I find myself completely romanticised by each and every one.

My favourite parts of a wedding are the people, the relationships and the moments of connection. These can be fleeting and subtle but so meaningful and tender when captured in a photograph. I pride myself in anticipating these special exchanges and photographing them in a timeless and beautiful style. I really believe that these images are heirlooms to be treasured and passed down the generations.

I use a mixture of film and digital photography at weddings, but I favour film wherever possible. The medium of film photography allows me to treat each photograph as a work of art which is carefully curated and considered. There is a true soul to film photography which gives images a flattering, romantic and dreamlike quality. These photographs will be hung with pride on your walls and shown to your children and grandchildren which I think is something pretty special.

If you share my love of light filled photography let’s talk more about how we can create something beautiful together.

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