Frequently Asked Questions

What is film photography and why do you use it to photograph weddings?

Film photography is the art capturing an image on a roll of film negative which is then developed at my professional lab who processes and scans it as full resolution digital scans. Film photography requires a special amount of skill because the photographer must have an advanced understanding of light in order to expose the image correctly.

I adore the soft, dreamy, romantic images film produces and find it particularly suited to weddings because of the super flattering skin tones it captures. Shooting on film also requires me to slow down and really consider the light and composition of each photograph, which allows me to create heirloom images to be treasured for a lifetime.

Do you shoot digital too?

I always carry a complete digital system too for when the light isn’t right for film. I like to use digital for evening and dance floor photos and for settings with low light.

Do you work with an assistant?

Where needed I will bring an assistant with me to help rolling film. They wont be shooting on an official level so if you require more coverage please ask about a second photographer.

Do you offer bespoke packages?

I do! Please let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for and I will create a package especially for you.

Do you work abroad?

Absolutely! I adore to travel and love photographing weddings in different countries and cultures. Please enquire about my destination packages if you’re planning a wedding abroad.

Do you photograph rehearsal dinners, elopements and multi-day weddings?

Yes! I would love to be involved in photographing your celebration no matter how big or small .

Can you recommend other suppliers?

I have an extensive list of recommended suppliers which I will share with you upon booking.

Are your photographs retouched?

The beauty of film is that it is ever so flattering so I rarely have to retouch photos. That being said I pay attention to each and every photograph before delivery and edit exposure, colour balance and remove any distractions if necessary.

When will we receive our photographs?

I guarantee delivery within 8 weeks of your wedding.

How do we book?

I require a 20% deposit along with a signed booking form to secure the date, the remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.